Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Self Esteem is so Important?

Self esteem is one of the most important ingredients to a happier, fuller life. This is why many people keep asking, "What is Self esteem?" Before defining self esteem, you may ask yourself why you need a definition for self esteem. Have you dealt with self esteem issues? What could be the problem? Is there a solution to self esteem issues?

Whatever the situation, we can define self esteem as how we view ourselves. That is the simplest and most lay form of defining self esteem.

Do you think you are awesome or do you think you are below average? Do you see yourself as easy to get among with or temperamental?
The sum total of how we view ourselves can be summed up as self esteem.
Why is self esteem important for everyone? 
Simple: It gives you the confidence to be who you are without fear of intimidation from others.

For example if you love computers and you have a healthy self esteem, you will not be afraid to pursue a course in computers, talk about computers with your friends and family or openly display your love for computers. For a person with self esteem issues, they may try to hide what they truly love and do something that seems to please those around them.

We all deal with self esteem issues at one point or another.
However, there are solutions that can help you with self esteem issues. One of those solutions is positive affirmations.
Today, I will leave you with only one fundamental affirmation for self esteem. However, I will present you with more as we go along.

As you say this affirmation out loud, think of what it means to be you and FEEL it. How do you describe yourself? Fat, skinny, beautiful, awesome. Think about it deeply, then say the affirmation once again.  Then go ahead and enjoy being the best of yourself.

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