Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to Overcome driving anxiety with Positive Affirmations

Do you love driving OR are you scared to death of driving. There are many people who suffer from driving anxiety. This fear makes it impossible for them to drive from one place to another. Others get into their car, start driving and have stop in the middle of the journey due to anxiety while driving. You do not have to suffer any longer. When considering how to overcome anxiety while driving, affirmations should be on top of your list. Try saying this list of positive affirmations for driving anxiety help, every time you feel the anxiety creeping in. Make sure to FEEL each and every emotion that comes with each affirmation. For example, if you are affirming that you love the new places you drive to, think of all the beautiful places you have wanted to drive to. Play that picture in your head, adjust it to your liking and just take it all in. If you do this, you will be in your car, relaxed, happy and driving to wherever you want with no fear at all.

      1. I am a great driver
2. I enjoy driving.
3. Driving is such a relaxing experience for me
4. I love the new places I get to see when driving
5. I love interacting with other awesome drivers on the road
6. I can relax, take a breath and enjoy my drive
7. My car is designed to keep me safe.
8. It is safe to drive
9. Driving is fun
10. I have all the skills necessary to be an excellent driver
11. I love driving
12. I love that driving takes me to all the places I like
13. I love that I do not depend on anyone else to drive me
14. The world is an open book for me when I drive
15. It is so exciting to see myself on the road, driving and enjoying it
16. I am amazed at how well I can drive
17. I am so relaxed when driving
18. I let my hands and legs help me when driving
19. I can let go of all my fears and drive calmly and peacefully
20. I am an excellent driver.
21. I am excited, thrilled and amazed at my excellent driving skills

I hope you overcome your fears and enjoy driving more!

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